Markitbox Tcommerce

Markitbox was established via the core principles of fulfilling a market gap within the Caribbean Trinidad & Tobago area. We have since acquired micro share holders to build and become a community project bringing all the Islands in the area ever so closer by opening  new and innovative avenues via eCommerce


Industriarch - Industry 4.0

Our teams are trained to the highest standard and believe that a strong foundation sets the basis for a efficient process. We focus on the industrial sector as we believe this is where we shine due to our experience and goliath team. 


Munch App
Ubuntium Technologies

A leading unification of of C2B sales. MUNCH has created a market to connect customers to the hospitality sector offering delivery with the push of a button.


Discounts and promotions allow customers to be more open to dining outside, this ultimately contributes to the local economy. Munch offers state of the art marketing which attracts all foodies and food enthusiasts to try out new and existing establishments.


Ubuntium Tech was built on the foundation of Ubuntium and serves as a 'Tech Hub' which supports professionally vetted micro tech startups. we support and guide potentials in achieving their dream through our equity network protocol. We are a leading technology and media hub that produces new ideas and projects that quantify market gaps and create a solid economical backing via technological solutions


Tuana Restaurant

Tuana Restaurant is proud to present the rustic Ottoman cuisine located in one of London's most prosperous areas. Tuana restaurant has perfected the art of combining ancient recipes with contemporary culture bringing forward a new meaning to the palace cuisine.


Etern Block Chain aims to change the banking system infastructure within the Caribbean region, our world class technology brings stability, structure and reliability to the Caribbean financial sector


Trinidad and Tobago's first E-Health service. Home visits are available if you require further assessment.

Development State


Service provider portal which makes finding labour personnel easy and efficient. Jobblee helps create a business dashboard and allow small teams to flourish.

Testing & QA stage

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