Pitch Your Idea

We love new ideas, that is why we are willing to listen to as many of our partners as we can. We believe that listening is the first step of any venture. We listen to you and your real life passion in hopes that we can transform your vision into a real life solution.

All great things start off small, so start to believe because belief is the first leap into the realm of possibilities.

Become a Project Parnter

We love investing in people, that is why we offer equity in return for skills. Maybe you are a talented coder or a great marketing specialist, we build the business with you and assist you in all matters of affairs so that best practice is met.

Our previous partners have emerged from various different industries

1. Back End Developer

2. Front End Developer

3. Craftsman

4. Artist

5. Entrepreneur

6. Inventor

7. Business Influencer

and many more