Ai - Safeguarding Corporations & Individuals

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent computing power will inevitably consume the working space for both individuals and corporations. As our technology and innovations transcend so will the software and intelligence behind the governing force.

On a Individual level Ai will prosper within the realm of repetitive tasks and automating brain dead repetition and increasing effective and efficient tasking, however, this will also allow for sophisticated Ai to prosper in areas that may create automation to make human positions of work obsolete and wipe out the need for human input at all. Individuals will need to expand their skills and add to their repertoire of focus, creativity and adaptation.


Currently Integrating Ai automation can be costly and still in its infancy in regards to culturally and systematically co-existing, however, this will not always be the case, with all technology and innovation competition and availability will drive costs down and make the technology accessible as Ai is both needed and a fundamental foundation to society 4.0.

It is true that fundamentally corporations will adopt this ultimate intelligence to assist in growth strategy and efficiency, however, it cannot co-exist to its full potential in our current structural system of business. We would need to redesign and re-structure the full underlying groundwork which will focus on co-existing human and Ai entanglement. This would require new forms of individual, corporate and governmental foundations, if we aim to finalise transition towards both industry 4.0 and society 4.0.

Safeguarding per say is not building a wall of retaliation but adapting our society and mind into working alongside and incorporating this new technology to become and assist. This would require a culture shift and business design concept to work hand in hand to safeguard the future of human interaction within the workforce of foundation society.

By Sezer Diyenli

Ubuntium Group

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