Machine Psychology

We are experiencing mergers of industry 3 to 4.0 alongside entertaining the conceptualization of society 4.0, all the innovations that have risen to structure our society has created extreme growth and profitability. In most care scenarios we can see that technology and the cyborg human have slowly started to adapt and merge with both positives and negatives arising due to early stage evolution.

Ubuntium aims to create a bridge in analyses into the psychological depression that has arisen in western cultures due to technology advancing faster than social psychology and the long term effects it will have on overall civilization. We believe that within the next 100 years our 1st world societies will fully integrate technology to harness the power of data and Internet AI, however it will also need to address a growing social dependency which will reverse the fundamental tendencies humans possess for innovation and advancement. A example of technology affecting social psychology can be easily quantised by data showing the importance of online presence and how digital data of the 'followers' syndrome has first hand devalued the existential reasoning behind a humans relevance and active process in society. The same 'followers' syndrome can be applied to to other aspects of society and analyse technological significance in the 'economy of things'.

Ubuntium aims to set up a team to fully analyse and contribute to a finer transcendence towards fully integration of both technology and psychology within the society 4.0 merge. We aim to research and put together documentation and analyse exploring cultures ranging from the 3rd world to 1st and how each level of adaptation arose and how we can apply the same principles into a new era of innovation and technological growth.

By Sezer Diyenli

The Art of Ai

Ubuntium Group

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